Features & Benefits

Job Postings
Features: Benefits:
Post Jobs on the REAP Internet site Saves Your District Money, gives your school's job postings international exposure via the internet.
E-mail feedback function on Job Postings Gives applicant easy means of communication with your school district.
Notify School I am interested in Job on Job Posting Allows District Human Resource to enter Job Posting Number or click on job from a list and get a list of applicants who are interested in the job. By simply clicking on a name, the HR official can bring up the Applicant Information Menu to view the applicant's application and uploaded documents.
Search Applicant Database
Features: Benefits:
Full Search for Teachers, Administrators, Instructional Support, and Support Staff
-- Find Applicants by entering Position Preferred, Teaching Certificate Held, Years Experience, GPA, Student Teaching Grade, and Activities Willing to Sponsor (for teachers.)
Allows you to find the Best applicant by choosing multiple parameters.
-- You may set as many or as few of the search parameters as you wish to refine your search.
Name or REAP ID Search
-- Find applicants by putting in first and last name or by entering their REAP ID Number.
If an HR official is contacted by a REAP applicant, the official can have the detailed REAP application and applicant uploaded documents on his computer screen in a few seconds.
Substitute and Teacher Assistants Search
-- List applicants that indicated that they would be willing to work as a Substitute or  as a Teacher Assistant. Certification and up to three Zip Codes  in which  applicant is willing work can be added to refine the list of applicants.
Easily find applicants  who have indicated on their MOREAP application (comprehensive resume) that they will work as Substitutes  or as Teacher Assistants. Can be used with Certification Parameter to find perfect long term Substitute Teachers. Can be used with Zip Code to find applicants willing to work in your District.
Certificate Search
-- Lists all applicants with a selected certificate.
Search the REAP candidate database to find applicants who have exactly the qualifications you need for your School District.
Applicant Management System
Features: Benefits:
The Applicant Management System allows you to record applicants in a hierarchical system of file drawers and folders named for the positions that you are attempting to fill. It allows you to rate and attach comments to each person placed in a folder. It allows you to bring up the Applicant Information page by simply clicking on the name. Organize and track the applicants that you have found using the Search options or the Notify School I am Interested in Job features. You can attach multiple reviews with ratings and comments to each person.
-- Gives you immediate access to the Applicant Information page for each applicant you have saved in a folder.