"This is a perfect time for me to once again offer my appreciation for the excellent work you all do to maintain the system so that those of us out here needing to use it may do so with confidence. Your notices of planned work are very much appreciated. The speed with which the system works is appreciated. The quality of information we receive is greatly appreciated.

We were able to have a working solution for replacement teachers by the end of the second day following notice of resignation and by the end of the same day in the case of a teacher in the National Guard being called to active duty.

I could go on. However, you have the point. The system works and it works well because you provide a quality service with a quality maintenance program in place."

Personnel Director

"The REAP system for Missouri was extremely helpful in my school's most recent applicant search for a speech-language pathologist. The REAP system lets you request the most recent applicants from the specified area who are in the system. This saves time so you do not have to wade through the candidates who are likely to already have jobs."

Personnel Office

"When you call 1-800-288-8115, you discover a group of welcoming, responsive professionals who want more than anything to help you take full advantage of the REAP system."

Personnel Director