Search Tips

When searching the REAP employment database, you can narrow your search using 3 criteria, geographic, position, and subject area. You may enter multiple criteria to refine your search and find the jobs in which you are interested.

  1. Geographic - By defining a geographic location you can limit your search to a position within your particular region of interest. The region map can help you define what your appropriate geographic region is. By clicking on the area of the map that you are interested in, you can see a list of school districts that are in that region. By specifying a region, you will see only the jobs available within that region.
  2. Position - You can pick between Teaching, Administrative, Instructional Support, and Support Services Positions.
  3. Subject - This is the specific area of study in which you intend to work, ie mathmatics. By defining this criteria you will limit the jobs returned to those within this specified field.

Your job search can be further refined by using all search criteria available. For example: you are an English major looking for a teaching position in the "ABC" School District. You would then enter the following information into the Job Search page:

Geographic: "click on" ABC's region
Position: Teacher
Subject Area: Language Arts

Its all just that simple, with a few clicks of the mouse you will be on your way to a new and brighter future.