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Are you looking for a position in education?

The REAP Program can help! Here's how:
  • By allowing you to apply for teaching positions in all participating school districts
  • You only need to complete one job profile that covers every available position.
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  • By keeping you in touch with job possibilities through our "Employment Center" on the Internet.

If you are already looking for an educational position, you know how much effort it takes to apply to more than one school district. Each school district has an extensive application form. The Regional Education Applicant Placement (REAP) Program allows you to apply once for public school teaching positions throughout the state.

REAP gives prospective employers access to your job profile. School districts through out the state use this program to search for qualified candidates giving you exposure to jobs you may not know exist.

  • Fill out the registration form to sign-up online.
  • Eight sections of information you provide us establishes your job profile including job preferences.
  • The information gathered about you is extensive and takes time to complete. But remember, once the REAP screens are completed, your information is available to many different school districts.
  • If you have questions while you are completing the application, call the REAP help desk at 1-800-288-8115.
The process begins with your application; sign up today.
Then, sit back and REAP the benefits.